Micropigmentation (Tattooing)

This procedure brings about permanent changes that can substantially improve a client’s self-image. The procedure can be done on almost any area of the body and certain areas of the face to improve the appearance of scars and facial irregularities.

This corrective service can be considered for the following reasons:

  • To create a natural looking nipple-areola complex.


  • Placement of color on and around the nipple area is ideal for those who have had a mastectomy and/or breast reconstruction.


  • To camouflage burns, wounds, and post-operative scarring with the use of flesh colored pigments, thus allowing a natural looking result.


  • To even out the pigment from face lift scars behind the ears after cosmetic surgery. This allows clients to be able to wear their hair back, and feel comfortable going into the public.


  • To create a sense of wholeness for those who have an Alopecia (hair loss) or a Trichotillomania (self-inflicted hair pulling) condition.


  • To create symmetry for those who have suffered from cleft lip conditions. This procedure restores the vermillion border (outline of the lip area) and restores natural lip color.


  • To allow ease of application of cosmetic eyeliner for those who suffer from poor eye sight or poor motor skills.


  • To give a more filled in appearance on the scalp after a hair transplant.


  • To fill in a scar on the eyebrow.